Love and Relationship Advice

It is a fact that women take relationships more seriously than men ever do. Even statistics will tell you that most men date a lot of women but only have been serious with 2 out of 10 they have dated. So what happens when his perfect girl breaks it off? Amazingly, even the toughest men turn to love and relationship advice.

Quoting someone I know: “I am thankful to this love and relationship advice, because it had thought me to be a better man when I lost my girl during a worse fight that we had. After that break up I just can’t simply get over her, and I said to myself that I’m going to get your love back. Then I read this advice that if I want to get her back, I’d have to start the change in me first above any other else.” – want to know what that advice was?

It was all about putting pride aside. That the guy must be the first one to initiate the reconciliation. Not only that, if it was his mistake, he should be man enough to admit that he was a total jerk. This is a sure way to catch her attention and win her back. This first step alone is a big sign that a guy has changed.

This is the best love and relationship advice be it for a guy or a girl – step down when you know you are at fault. Being defensive and pointing the mistake off of you will only make matters worst. Accepting your mistakes and opening yourself to change for the better is a pretty good sign of maturity; and it shows that you are willing to meet her half way with whatever compromise she might want.