Avoid The Pitfalls of Single Parent Online Dating

Online dating for the single parent can be really tough. There are lots of things to consider when you are a single parent. Things the average person doesn’t have to deal with. This problem is even worse when you are dating online because things typically move faster online. Having time to date is a huge hurdle. Being able to date without exposing your child to negative people is a concern. Taking time away from your child to date can make you feel guilty.

Time management is out the window when you have a 3-year old! It seems no matter what you try to do the child always has other plans for you. The bad news is that it gets worse when they are teenagers. The good news is you can still plan events of importance into your schedule. Ultimately its all about priorities. While your child is your number one priority you need to realize that having a successful romantic relationship is a very important priority as well. This may mean finding another babysitter you can trust. It may mean calling on friends more often.

Lets face it not every date is a great date. In fact most of the dates you go on will be with people you may just want to be friends with or even less. That being said its important that you not expose your child to multiple people coming in and out of their life. So how do you do that? One good tip is that you always try to meet your date at a public place. This doesn’t have to go on forever. A good rule is that you can bring them around after you have been seeing them for a month.

There are a million things in life that can make us feel guilty. Yet nothing makes us feel guilty like our kids can. While you were off on a date your little girl scraped her knee. All you can think about is “if I were only here!” Stop, take a break! If you were there she would have probably still scraped her knee. Now that you are there show her affection, care for her. Don’t neglect your children for a romantic night, but don’t beat yourself up over the small stuff either.

As you can see there are some ways you can date while being a single parent. Online dating can be a fun, exciting, fulfilling way to increase your odds at having a great romantic life. You can do this without having a schedule that stresses you out, while not exposing your child to risky people, and not giving yourself a guilt trip for every date you go on.