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Techniques for a better shag

Meeting people for sex isn’t so difficult these days, especially now that adult dating sites are so popular with both men and women. No joking, all genders are getting to use those services because sex is easier to get into that long-lasting relationships. Those dating sites do a lot of the work for us, we just need to send messages and hope someone replies saying they are interested. But beyond that, there is still one thing to come: sex will eventually happen and we will be left to deal with it by ourselves. Adult dating sites can get us together but the sex part is up to us, so how can we make that side of things better?

Be relaxed

After you’ve looked online for the best shag dates around, you will eventually find an interested person. You will meet and if it all goes well then you will end up together in a hotel room. This alone can make people quite nervous as they are not used to such situation. Maybe you will want to have a few drinks before to calm each other’s nerves down, but don’t overdo it or you won’t be much use. Make sure the both of you talk about what you are and are not going to do, and don’t put too much pressure on each other. Take it step by step and your nerves should fade away towards desire. From that point onwards the two of you are good to go.

Experience needed?

Naturally you want to have some sort of sexual experience before doing adult dating, but you don’t need to be an expert either. Just be familiar with getting naked and make sure you’re comfortable with your own naked body. Don’t hide parts that you are not too proud of, instead practice looking at yourself naked in front of the mirror. If a person wants to have sex with you then they’ve accepted how your body looks, time for you to do the same. The bottom line is a lot of those things can come down to experience, but it is also about how you see yourself. Just remember that if a person is excited enough to have sex with you then you’ve won so be proud and celebrate!

Manage expectations

This is the thing about sex: everybody has different expectations. People often assume that they will reach an orgasm but the truth is that thinking that can just add too much unnecessary pressure. So instead of thinking that, why not tone it down a bit to something more achievable? Basically, you will get naked, you will have sex and let’s see where that takes you. Worst case scenario nobody climaxes but you might still have a little fun time, next time will be better. Just don’t pressure yourself or you partner into thinking that everything is going to be perfect because it probably won’t be. Sometimes it takes multiple hook-ups until two people can finally get the pleasure they want; you just got to be patient and know how to manage your expectations.